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+44 077 85626803

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FX Trading Station

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FX Trading Station

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United Kingdom

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FX Trading Station · Company Summary


Trading on the CFD and foreign currency markets was made possible by FX Trading Station. They have a history of outstanding accomplishments, technical advancements, and ongoing partnerships with merchants. You will benefit from superb, wise, and secure trading circumstances with tick trading.

Their mission is to build profitable communities on a global scale. They are committed to providing a better and transparent working space for all Tick trading members. We provide customers with unlimited final profits

They are masters in offering top-notch trading tools and large profit margins. You will have several possibilities to profit from tick trading in the foreign currency market as well as in indices, commodities, equities, and cryptocurrencies. They are always there to provide you advice, whether you are an experienced businessperson or a newbie.


No valid regulatory information, please be aware of the risk


FX STATION offers the following instruments to their investor


With a daily turnover of more than $6.5 trillion, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

Neither a physical location nor a central exchange constrain the Forex market. Due to the fact that the entire market is continually operated electronically, within an electronic network, it is referred to as an Over-the-Counter (OTC) market.

Advantages of Forex with FX Trading Station

There are several reasons why traders would want to look at Forex rather than “traditional” stock trading and these are as follows.

· Manageable Amount of Trading Choices

· Liquidity Market

· Round-the-clock Trading 24/5

· Flexibility to Go Long and Short

· Volatility

· Good Commissions

· High leverage


Contracts for difference (CFDs) on spot precious metals, also known as spot metals, are financial products that enable traders to invest and profit from price movements in either the upward (going long) or downward (going short) direction without having to pay for actual precious metal ownership. The deal is carried out over the counter (OTC), much like trading foreign exchange, which means it is carried out directly between the two parties involved rather than through a central exchange market.


Indices serve as a gauge for the price development of a collection of shares from a market.

You may gain exposure to a whole economy or industry at once by trading indices, and you only need to initiate one trade. With CFDs, you may make predictions on index price movements without actually owning the underlying asset. Since there are more trading hours for indices than for most other markets, you can have a longer exposure to prospective chances. Indices are a very liquid market to trade. Stock indexes offer a simple approach to monitor a market's overall health. It is simple to determine the market's present status by focusing on one data metric.


Without holding the underlying asset, European traders and investors have access to the contract for differences (CFD) market.

It's a very straightforward security that is determined by the movement of the asset between trade entry and exit, computing simply the price change without taking the asset's underlying worth into account. This is performed without the use of a stock, currency, commodities, or futures exchange through a contract between the customer and the broker.

Trading CFDs has a number of significant benefits, which have boosted the instruments' immense popularity over the past ten years. Other CFD hazards include lax industry regulation, potential liquidity issues, and the requirement to have a sufficient buffer.

Advantages of CFDs with FX Trading Station

· Higher Leverage

· Global Market Access From One Platform

· No Shorting Rules or Borrowing Stock

· Professional Execution With No Fees


A cryptocurrency is a type of digital token intended for use in online trades between individuals.

You cannot physically hold a Bitcoin in your palm or keep Ethereum in your safe; cryptocurrency only exists as data. Owning a Bitcoin signifies that you have the unanimous consent of all computers connected to the Bitcoin network that it is now in your possession and, more significantly, that a miner really had the right to produce it. Cryptographic or cryptocurrency exchanges have evolved as a digital replacement for more conventional ways of payment like cash or credit cards, which has led to the emergence of opposing points of view.

Advantages of Crypto currency with FX Trading Station

· Transactions

· Asset Transfers

· More Confidential Transactions

· Transaction Fees

· Greater Access to Credit

· Easier International Trade

· Individual Ownership

· Adaptability

· Strong Security


Using Bitcoin to transact is easy and accessible to everyone.



You can contact their customer support on the following:

OFFICE18st swithin's Ln, London EC4N 8CD

Drop E-mail

+44 077 85626803

Deposit & Withdrawals

The procedure for deposit is as follows:

You have to send an E-mail to our support department on support@FX Trading and the format of the mail is as follows:

Deposit Payment

Withdrawals Payment

1. If you have deposited through Bank:

Dear Sir/Maam,

I (your name) have deposited the amount of (Rs or $) by bank and the account details is as follows:

Bank Name:

IFSC Code:

Branch Name:

Account No.:

(The above details will be provided by our support team).

Thanks and Regards

2. If you have deposited by cash:

Dear Sir/Maam,

I (your name) have deposited the amount of (Rs or $) by cash and I gave cash to Mr. XYZ (to whom you have given the cash).

Thanks and Regards


The broker uses Meta Trader 5, below are the metatrader for each browser and their fetures

FX Trading StationMT5 Windows Desktop

· MT5: New and Improved MetaTrader

· Over 500 markets including stocks, FX, cryptos, commodities & indices

· Enhanced charting with more timeframes, indicators, and tools

· Intuitive market search and groupings

FX Trading StationMetaTrader 5 Mobile

· Trade on the move with the MT5 mobile trading app.

· Trade 500+ stocks, cryptos, currency pairs, indices and commodities

· Check live interactive charts and utilize dozens of technical indicators

· Set mobile trade alerts and manage your account on the go

FX Trading StationMetaTrader 5 iOS

· For iPhone and iPad, search 'MetaTrader 5' in the App Store or click the link below.

· Trade 500+ stocks, cryptos, currency pairs, indices and commodities

· Check live interactive charts and utilize dozens of technical indicators

· Set mobile trade alerts and manage your account on the go

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The broker offers high leverage, low spreads and low threshold deposits, but their website seems to be malfunctioning and inaccessible. As an investor, we need reliable brokers and platforms to keep our investments safe and smooth. If you are experiencing similar issues, I recommend you to choose another broker so that you can avoid any potential risks and losses.
2023-03-28 11:01


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