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Survey of Cyprus Forex Giant XM

Great Cyprus

Eleftherias, Olziit, Limassol District, Cyprus

Survey of Cyprus Forex Giant XM
Great Cyprus

Brand Story

Founded in 2009, XM is a licensed online international investment company that provides clients with trading opportunities in financial products such as foreign exchange, CFDS, equity indices, crude oil and gold through MT4 and MT5 software.

Company Building

According to the regulatory information, XM in Cyprus is located at 12 Richard & Verengaria Street, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol. The inspection team paid a site visit to the office.

Under the guidance of supervision information, the survey staff successfully found an office building adjacent to the ancient castle and the dock. The buildings was situated in the most prosperous area of Cyprus, which all belonged to XM. The survey staff couldn't wait to enter the building.

Featured Photo


As soon as the inspection staff entered the building, they saw a lady smiling and wearing an XM badge, waiting for the coming of the survey staff outside the office according to the appointment time. Then, she led the surveyors into the office. The first thing they saw was the simple front desk and XM’s Logo. Interestingly, XM’s Logo is actually a bull.


What's more interesting is that there was a bull statue in the corner of this office, which relaxed the pace of busy work. The bull, with his eyes wide opened and sword in hand, seemed like he was guarding the company. Before figuring this out, the surveyors was taken to a green wall by this lady wearing the badge.


This lady pointed to the English letters on the wall and told the surveyors that this was the slogan of XM, which means to be together.


The lady then introduced herself briefly. She was the receptionist of XM and has been working for five years. XM, in her eyes, was a cohesive group. All staff working together with their united strength would definitely do everything, which made her reluctant leaving this company with more than 400 employees. The lady also proudly told the surveyors that XM was an award-winning company. Then the inspection staff were taken to the publicity area, where qualification certificates and medals were placed, which confirmed what the lady said.


Just when the surveyor were stunned by the scale and strength of XM, the lady handed over a booklet to the survey staff, which turned out to be XM's publicity materials. After reading, the inspection team found that the company has won several top awards, which gave them a big surprise. According to the booklet, there were XM’s business locations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

The lady introduced the booklet to the surveyors and led them up the stairs to the fourth floor. Then she told the survey staff that this was the highest floor of this office building. All the floor, from the first to the fourth, belonged to the company. Then she showed the survey staff one of the meeting rooms. The large conference table, large electronic screen, and warm air conditioning made the conference room both spacious and warm.


Survey Conclusion

Based on the field survey, it was verified by the investigation staff that XM’s address in Cyprus was consistent with its regulatory information. XM held the MM License (Regulatory No.443670) issued by ASIC, MM License (Regulatory No.120/10) issued by CySEC, Retail Forex License (Regulatory No.000261/158) issued by IFSC, and Retail Forex License (Regulatory No.SD010) issued by FSA, and was under multiple valid regulations and operated in legal compliance. And as a responsible broker, XM has donated $16,200 to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in order to help the victims of forest fires in Australia and help the local wildlife and nature return to life. Investors can consider choosing this company.

Broker Information



10-15 years |Regulated in Australia |Market Making(MM) |MT4 Full License |Global Business |
  • Company Name:
    Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited
  • Country/ Region of Registry:
    United Kingdom
  • Abbreviation:
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:


10-15 years | Regulated in Australia | Market Making(MM) | MT4 Full License | Global Business |
  • Company Name: Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited
  • Abbreviation: XM
  • Country/ Region of Registry: United Kingdom
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:005012236696

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