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Taishin Securities Co., Ltd.


Taishin Securities

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Taishin Securities · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Taishin Securities
Registered Country/Area Taiwan(China)
Founded Year 2018
Regulation TPEx
Minimum Deposit $100
Market Instruments Forex,Commodities,Stocks,Indices
Account Types Security account,investment account
Spreads&commissions As low as 0 pip,no commission
Trading Platforms Woojii app,Phone EZ app
Demo Account Available
Customer Support Phone: 02-4050-9799
Deposit & Withdrawal Bank transfer,debit/credit card,third-party payment

Overview of Taishin Securities

Taishin Securities, established in 2018 and registered in Taiwan (China), operates under the regulation of TPEx. With a minimum deposit requirement of $100, the company offers a range of market instruments including Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices.

Clients can choose between security and investment account types, benefiting from competitive conditions like spreads as low as 0 pip and no commission fees. The firm provides access to trading via the Woojii app and Phone EZ app, and also offers a demo account for practice trading.

Customer support is accessible through phone at 02-4050-9799. For financial transactions, Taishin Securities supports methods like bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and third-party payments.

Overview of Taishin Securities

Is Taishin Securities Limited Legit or a Scam?

he Taipei Exchange regulates the license for dealing in securities. The licensed institution, Taishin Securities, is currently regulated under this framework in Taiwan.

This regulatory environment ensures that Taishin Securities operates in compliance with the relevant financial and securities laws in Taiwan.

Is Taishin Securities Limited Legit or a Scam?

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Diverse Market Instruments Lack of License Transparency
Competitive Trading Conditions Limited Deposit and Withdrawal Options
Technologically Advanced Platforms Geographical Focus
Regulatory Compliance Limited Information on Account Types
Accessibility of Customer Support No Information on Educational Resources


  1. Diverse Market Instruments: Offering a range of trading options including Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices, Taishin Securities caters to a wide variety of investor interests and strategies.

  2. Competitive Trading Conditions: With spreads as low as 0 pip and no commission fees, traders can potentially benefit from more cost-effective trading.

  3. Technologically Advanced Platforms: The availability of trading via the Woojii app and Phone EZ app suggests a focus on technological advancement and user convenience.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Being regulated under the Taipei Exchange in Taiwan implies a level of reliability and adherence to financial regulations, which can instill confidence in clients.

  5. Accessibility of Customer Support: Offering customer support through a direct phone line can enhance the user experience by providing easy access to assistance.


  1. Lack of License Transparency: The unreleased license number and unspecified effective date might raise concerns about transparency and specific regulatory details.

  2. Limited Deposit and Withdrawal Options: While supporting bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and third-party payments, the options might still be limited compared to other brokers that offer a wider range of payment methods.

  3. Geographical Focus: Being based in Taiwan and regulated by the Taipei Exchange might limit the appeal or accessibility to international traders.

  4. Limited Information on Account Types: While two types of accounts are mentioned (security and investment), detailed information on their specific features, benefits, and requirements is not provided.

  5. No Information on Educational Resources: There is no mention of educational resources or tools for new traders, which are often crucial for beginners to understand and navigate the markets effectively.

Market Instruments

Taishin Securities offers a variety of market instruments for trading, which include:

  1. Forex: This involves the trading of currencies and is a popular choice for many traders due to its liquidity and 24-hour market access.

  2. Commodities: Trading in commodities allows investors to trade in various physical goods such as gold, oil, agricultural products, and more.

  3. Stocks: This includes the buying and selling of shares in publicly listed companies, offering traders a way to invest in individual companies.

  4. Indices: Indices trading involves trading on the performance of stock indices, like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ, which represent the aggregated performance of a group of stocks.

Market Instruments

Account Types

Taishin Securities offers 2 types of accounts to cater to different investment needs. These include:

  1. Securities Account: This account is suitable for individuals interested in trading securities such as stocks, bonds, and other similar financial instruments. It's ideal for those looking to invest directly in the stock market.

  2. Investment Account: This account type is likely tailored for a broader range of investment activities, possibly including options like mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment products. It may offer more diverse investment opportunities compared to a standard securities account.

These accounts are designed to cater to the varying needs and investment strategies of different clients.

Account Types

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with Taishin Securities can be a straightforward process. Here's a simplified four-step guide:

  1. Determine Eligibility and Account Type: Ensure you are over 18 years old and a tax resident of the Republic of China (excluding dual nationality holders). Decide whether you want to open a Securities Account or an Investment Account based on your investment needs.

  2. Prepare Necessary Documents: Gather all required documentation, which typically includes personal identification, proof of residence, and tax-related information. For non-residents or dual nationality holders, additional documents may be required.

  3. Complete the Online Application: Visit Taishin Securities' official website or use their designated app (such as the Woojii app) to access the account opening application. Fill out the application form with accurate personal and financial information.

  4. Verification and Activation: After submitting your application, Taishin Securities will likely undergo a verification process to ensure all provided information is correct and complies with regulatory requirements. Once verified, your account will be activated, and you'll receive notifications, often via email, confirming that your account is ready for use.

Remember, the specific steps and requirements might vary slightly, so it's advisable to check Taishin Securities' official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How to Open an Account?

Spreads & Commissions

Taishin Securities offers the following spread and commission structure:

  • Spreads: As low as 0 pip. This indicates highly competitive spreads, especially for popular currency pairs in Forex trading. A spread of 0 pip is particularly advantageous for short-term traders like scalpers and day traders, who benefit from minimal trading costs.

  • Commissions: No commission fees. This is a significant advantage for traders, as it reduces the cost of trading. Typically, brokers either charge a spread or a commission, but Taishin Securities appears to offer the benefit of zero commission fees, enhancing the appeal for both high-volume and casual traders.

This spread and commission structure positions Taishin Securities as a potentially cost-effective option for various types of traders in the financial markets.

Trading Platform

Taishin Securities offers a diverse range of trading platforms to cater to different trading preferences and needs. These include:

  1. APP-Based Platforms:

    1. Woojii: A mobile application designed for trading on-the-go, offering user-friendly interfaces and real-time market data.

    2. PhoneEZ: Another mobile trading application, likely emphasizing ease of use and accessibility for traders.

  2. Computer-Based Trading:

    1. Super Smart Multi-Star: A desktop platform providing a more comprehensive trading experience with advanced tools and features.

    2. Taishin Kuaishou: Another computer-based platform, potentially offering quick and efficient trading execution and analysis tools.

  3. Web-Based Trading:

    1. Global Wise Star: A web-based platform allowing traders to access their accounts and trade directly through a web browser without the need for software installation.

  4. API Trading:

    1. API Order: This platform likely offers a more technical approach, allowing traders to use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for automated trading, custom strategies, and integration with other trading tools.

  5. Voice Ordering:

    1. This innovative feature allows traders to place orders through voice commands, enhancing accessibility and convenience, especially for traders who prefer hands-free operation.

  6. Voucher Area:

    1. A specialized section, possibly for trading or redeeming vouchers, which might be unique to Taishin Securities, offering additional trading incentives or benefits.

These platforms collectively provide a versatile trading environment, accommodating both novice and experienced traders with varying technological preferences.

Trading Platform

Deposit & Withdrawal

Taishin Securities offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options to accommodate the financial transactions of its clients, with a focus on convenience and accessibility. The key details are as follows:

  1. Minimum Deposit:

    1. The minimum deposit required to open an account with Taishin Securities is $100. This relatively low minimum deposit makes it accessible for a wide range of investors, from beginners to more experienced traders.

  2. Payment Methods:

    1. Bank Transfer: Allows clients to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to their trading account. This method is typically reliable and secure.

    2. Debit/Credit Card: Provides a quick and convenient way to deposit funds using major credit or debit cards.

    3. Third-Party Payment: This might include options like online payment systems or e-wallets, offering an alternative for those who prefer digital payment solutions.

Customer Support

Taishin Securities provides dedicated customer support to assist its clients with various queries and services. The main point of contact is the Taishin Securities Service Hotline, which can be reached at 02-4050-9799.

This hotline is likely staffed with knowledgeable representatives equipped to offer assistance on a range of topics, from account opening procedures and trading platform support to more complex financial inquiries.

Additionally, clients and potential customers can visit the Taipei Head Office located at 2nd Floor, No. 44, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City, for in-person assistance. This office, bearing the Financial Management Certificate No. 0014, signifies Taishin Securities' commitment to providing professional and reliable financial services.

The combination of a direct hotline and a physical office location offers clients multiple avenues for support and demonstrates the company's dedication to customer service.

Customer Support


In conclusion, Taishin Securities, based in Taiwan and regulated by the Taipei Exchange, presents a comprehensive and accessible brokerage service. Established in 2018, it offers a wide array of market instruments, including Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices, with competitive trading conditions such as spreads as low as 0 pip and no commission fees.

Clients have the choice of a variety of trading platforms, ranging from mobile apps like Woojii and PhoneEZ to web and computer-based platforms, catering to diverse trading preferences.

The company facilitates account opening with a minimum deposit of $100 and supports multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank transfers and card payments. Customer support is readily available through a dedicated hotline and a physical office in Taipei.

Overall, Taishin Securities seems to be a robust option for traders looking for a diversified trading experience with supportive customer service.


Q:How do I open an account with Taishin Securities?

A:To open an account, you need to be over 18 years old and a tax resident of the Republic of China. You can apply online without visiting a branch, choosing between a Securities Account and an Investment Account.

Q:What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?

A:The minimum deposit required to open an account with Taishin Securities is $100.

Q:What trading platforms does Taishin Securities offer?

A:Taishin Securities offers several trading platforms, including the Woojii and PhoneEZ apps for mobile trading, Super Smart Multi-Star and Taishin Kuaishou for computer-based trading, and Global Wise Star for web-based trading.

Q:What are the spreads and commissions at Taishin Securities?

A:Taishin Securities offers competitive trading conditions with spreads as low as 0 pip and no commission fees.

Q:How can I deposit and withdraw funds from my Taishin Securities account?

A:You can deposit and withdraw funds via bank transfer, debit/credit card, and third-party payment methods.

Q:Is Taishin Securities regulated?

A:Yes, Taishin Securities is regulated by the Taipei Exchange in Taiwan.

Q:How can I contact Taishin Securities for support?

A:You can reach their customer support via the hotline at 02-4050-9799 or visit their Taipei head office located at 2nd Floor, No. 44, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City.

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more than one year
Cautionary note for those considering Taishin Securities: Be aware that if you don't withdraw funds after betting on events, you'll be required to pay a verification deposit. It's an important detail to factor into your decision-making process.
2023-12-18 23:48
more than one year
I cant understand the website’s design, so confusing...the company seems to offer a variety of financial services, the regulation condition performs good as well. But i can have better choices, i will not consider this platform.
2022-11-16 14:51
more than one year
It does have a customer support Center that may help you...
2022-11-15 18:25


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