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VBCE · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name VBCE
Registered Country/Area Canada
Founded Year 1989
Regulation Unregulated
Services Online Platform,Precious Metals,International Money Transfers,Business Services,Cash Exchange
Trading Platform VBCE Online
Customer Support Phone: 604-336-80861-855-319-4557
Demo Account Available

Overview of VBCE

VBCE is a Canadian company established in 1989, providing a range of financial services through its online platform. Despite being unregulated, it offers services such as trading in precious metals, facilitating international money transfers, providing various business services, and cash exchange operations.

The company seems to place a strong emphasis on customer support, as indicated by the provision of a dedicated phone line (Local: 604-336-8086,Toll Free: 1-855-319-4557) and the availability of a demo account for potential clients to familiarize themselves with their offerings.

Overview of VBCE

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Full Service Unregulated
International Transfer Capability Limited Information
Real-Time Trades Dependence on Technology
User-Friendly International Risks

Pros of VBCE:

  1. Full Service: The service offers a comprehensive suite of options for its users, which can be a one-stop shop for multiple financial transactions.

  2. International Transfer Capability: The ability to transfer funds internationally is a significant advantage for users who need to conduct cross-border transactions.

  3. Real-Time Trades: The provision of real-time trading can be crucial for time-sensitive financial operations and for taking advantage of market movements as they happen.

  4. User-Friendly: The presentation of features suggests an emphasis on user experience, which may translate to an intuitive and easy-to-navigate service platform.

Cons of VBCE:

  1. Unregulated: As mentioned in the previous overview, the service is unregulated, which may present higher risks and less protection for users compared to regulated entities.

  2. Limited Information: The simplicity of the features listed doesn't provide depth on how these services are implemented or any potential limitations they will have.

  3. Dependence on Technology: Real-time trades and online services rely heavily on the underlying technology, which may pose issues if there are technical faults or downtimes.

  4. International Risks: While the ability to transfer funds internationally is an advantage, it also opens up users to risks associated with currency fluctuation, international regulations, and potential geopolitical tensions impacting financial transactions.


VBCE, established in 1989 and based in Canada, offers a variety of financial services tailored to meet the needs of both individual and business clients.

Precious Metals: VBCE specializes in dealing with precious metals, offering clients the opportunity to buy and sell a variety of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This service meets investors looking to diversify their portfolios, hedge against inflation, or simply invest in tangible assets. VBCE provides competitive pricing, real-time market rates, and expert advice to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding their precious metal investments.


International Money Transfers: VBCE offers international money transfer services, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for sending money across borders. This service is essential for individuals and businesses needing to make overseas payments, remittances, or transferring funds for personal or commercial reasons. VBCE's international money transfer service is known for its competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast transfer times, ensuring clients can move money globally with confidence and ease.


Business Services: Meeting the unique needs of businesses, VBCE offers a suite of specialized services designed to support companies in managing their financial transactions and foreign exchange requirements. These services include tailored currency exchange solutions, risk management strategies to protect against currency fluctuations, and customized international payment systems. VBCE's business services are focused on providing value and efficiency, helping companies optimize their financial operations and enhance their global competitiveness.

Business Services

Cash Exchange: VBCE's cash exchange service is designed for individuals and travelers who require immediate access to foreign currencies. With a wide selection of currencies available, competitive rates, and convenient locations, VBCE ensures that clients can easily exchange their cash without the hassle of high fees or unfavorable exchange rates. This service is particularly beneficial for travelers seeking to have foreign currency in hand before departing on international trips or upon arrival in Canada.

Cash Exchange

How to Open an Account?

To open an online account with the service, you would follow these five steps:

  1. ID Verification & Selfie: Take a picture of the front and back of your government-issued photo ID along with a selfie. This can typically be done using a smartphone or tablet.

  2. Complete and Submit Sign-Up Form: Fill out the sign-up form with personal details such as your name, address, phone number, occupation, and the purpose of your transactions.

  3. Verbal Verification: Wait for a call from a representative of the service who will verify the information you provided, ask further questions to ensure the account setup meets your needs, and explain how to link your bank accounts if needed.

  4. Connect your Bank Accounts: Follow the instructions provided by the representative to connect your bank accounts to your new online account, as applicable to your transactions.

  5. Account Activation: After the previous steps are completed, you will receive your login details, at which point your account will be activated and ready to use.

Trading Platform

VBCE Online is a sophisticated trading platform tailored to meet the dynamic foreign exchange needs of both individuals and businesses.

It operates around the clock, offering users a seamless and efficient way to manage their foreign exchange transactions.

The platform is equipped with a suite of powerful tools, including detailed reporting features and a variety of electronic payment and settlement options, ensuring transactions are not only convenient but also secure.

Whether for personal or business use, VBCE Online meets users requiring frequent international payments, offering real-time trades and competitive rates with minimal to no fees.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it supports recurring transactions over $1,000, making it an ideal choice for those looking to transfer funds globally with ease and efficiency.

Trading Platform

Customer Support

You can reach out for assistance via phone with the following contact details:

  • Phone: Local: 604-336-8086,Toll Free: 1-855-319-4557


Customer Support


VBCE provides a user-focused financial service platform that meets various needs including precious metals purchase, international money transfers, business services, and currency exchange.

The sign-up process is streamlined into five clear steps, emphasizing security and personal verification. Although unregulated, the company prioritizes customer support, offering a demo account for trial purposes and a dedicated phone line for assistance.

It positions itself as a versatile option for individuals and businesses seeking financial services, with the convenience of an online platform and the capability for real-time transactions.


Q: What services does VBCE offer?

A: VBCE offers an array of services including an online platform for financial transactions, buying and selling precious metals, international money transfers, business services, and competitive cash exchange rates.

Q: Is VBCE a regulated financial institution?

A: No, VBCE is not regulated.

Q: Is there a way to test VBCE services before fully signing up?

A: Yes, VBCE offers a demo account that allows potential customers to explore their services before committing to opening a full account.

Q: What do I need to verify my identity during the sign-up process?

A: You will need a piece of valid, government-issued photo ID and access to a smartphone or tablet to take a picture of the ID and a selfie for verification purposes.

Q: How can I contact VBCE if I need customer support?

A: VBCE provides customer support via a dedicated phone line: 1-888-224-3331, which you can call for assistance with any questions or issues.


WikiFX report: VBCE collaborates with EMQ to facilitate cross-border payments

NewsWikiFX report: VBCE collaborates with EMQ to facilitate cross-border payments

2022-04-28 15:56

Canadian foreign exchange and payment services provider Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange (VBCE) has joined forces with financial settlement network EMQ.

2022-04-28 15:56
WikiFX report: VBCE collaborates with EMQ to facilitate cross-border payments

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Matthew Jil
more than one year
I primarily conduct transactions with VBCE thanks to their favorable rates. However, when it comes to purchasing Singaporean Dollars, I turn to Kingmark at Yaohan Centre since their rates are more competitive. My business dealings with VBCE could have been more frequent if they accepted merchant payments, especially when handling substantial amounts. As it stands now, for transactions over ten thousand dollars, it is a bit of an inconvenience to have to acquire a bank draft from my bank for payment. Additionally, I've occasionally faced difficulties when wishing to convert larger amounts (exceeding ten thousand dollars) of my Euros into Canadian Dollars. These are areas where improvements would be greatly appreciated.
2024-02-01 10:27
more than one year
I had a pretty solid experience using VBCE for currency exchange. The exchange rates were definitely more competitive than the banks, and the staff was super chill and helpful. Plus, sending international transfers was a total breeze - didn't have to jump through any crazy hoops or anything. All in all, VBCE is a pretty sweet option for handling your foreign currency needs.
2023-03-27 10:43
more than one year
It is true that I have some international remittance needs and I also feel that the bank's fees are a bit too high, but this company does not have any reliable regulatory information. Who knows if my money will be scammed by it?
2022-12-12 10:14


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