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Office 3, Unit 2, Dekk Complex, Plaisance, Mahe, Seychelles
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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Previous Detection : 2024-07-18
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 52 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
  • The number of this brokers's negative field survey reviews has reached 1. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
  • The Seychelles FSA regulation with license number: SD023 is an offshore regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The current information shows that this broker does not have a trading software. Please be aware!

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Pyramid scheme complaint


They marked me and I invested only 100 dollars with my credit card. They told me that I could make the withdrawal as much as I wanted since the money was in my account. They began to ask me for documents, which I refused because they had not told me what I had to do. They sent me a documentation where I accept that I made the deposit according to them to avoid fraud. Well, I sent them because it was the only way they told me I could cancel the account and withdraw my money. Bottom line, which was a lie, if they let me access but I couldn't withdraw anything, then I dialed and they told me that I need to invest more. I'm not going to do it because if they don't want to give me the 100 dollars that I invested, less trust me to give them more money and they'll give me put obstacles in place. I need to get my money back. Please help me.

2024-06-14 09:04

They keep insisting that I make the deposit.

Good afternoon, Continuing with my complaint made on June 27, 2024, July 1, 4, and 5, 2024, today on July 9, 2024, Ms. Luna Reyes (staff from Go4rex company) contacted me again. It turns out that my account did not go into auction as she had previously informed me. She has extended the deadline to Monday, July 15, 2024, to accept their offer to deposit $1,000 USD or otherwise I will lose the total of my account. I told her that I have read their clauses and have the right to close my operations whenever I require and to be able to withdraw my funds. I want to close the open operations (2) and withdraw my profits or at least my investment of $1,500 USD. I am no longer interested in any potential profits. She tells me that it is not possible because the stock market does not allow it and that I have to cover the exchange cost. I explained that even after closing the operation made with NVDA of $8,179.90 USD less exchange cost of $8,007.04 USD, I would have a profit of $172.50 USD. The other open operation with EUR/USD is $30.31 USD less exchange cost of -$47.38; I assume the loss of this operation and close it immediately (figure 7). I questioned why I cannot close the operation with NVDA and why she is conditioning me to have to deposit more money. She responds that I am not one to dictate how the stock market operates and reiterates that I have until that date to make the deposit. One way or another they want to keep my investment; hopefully you can help me recover it. Regards, Thank you.

2024-07-10 02:11
Unable to Withdraw

They ask me to invest more money to be able to withdraw profits

I started with a deposit of 100 dollars on May 20, 2024, the next day (May 21) the advisor Sophia Romano contacted me asking me to enter more capital for the basic account of 250 dollars and I did it. As the days went by, she contacted me and asked me to increase the account to be able to obtain better benefits in the operations they carry out, so I tell him that I cannot, then he contacts me again and tells me that they would support me with a credit of 1,200 dollars to be able to carry out operations with the company Nvdia to which I accessed and they had good benefits. Then she told me that to withdraw those benefits I would have to cover the credit of the 1,200 dollars, which I did on May 6, and from then on I no longer had contact with her. Then they called me from the finances and they tell me that in order to withdraw the benefits I have to cover a deposit of 4,100 dollars to which I no longer agreed. The last call I had with them was that if I do not deposit that money my profit and my capital that I invested will be lost. I hope you can help me. Regards. Thank you.

2024-06-28 06:37


Good day, complementing my complaint exposed on June 27, 2024, I share the following: on June 28, 2024 I received a call from the Audit Department of the Company Go4rex, asking me to access my account to check the benefits that have been generated, Annex Figure 1: Net worth $ 6,864.45 dl, Balance $ 1,468.41 dl, and 3 contributions that generated benefits for: NVDA $8,179.90 dl, EUR/USD $ 20.52 dl, EUR/USD $ 20.52 dl, for a total of $ 16,553.84 dollars, conditioning me that in order to obtain the total of my benefits I have to make a deposit of $ 1,500.00 dollars more to which I no longer agreed, and they tell me that if I do not make that deposit my account would enter into auction.Today, July 1, 2024, the same lady (I do not remember her name), from the same audit area, calls me again asking me what I had thought about making a deposit of 1,500. 00 dollars to which I answer that I am not going to do it, that in any case they should deduct it from my total benefits and she answers me that it cannot be done this way and conditions me to have to make the deposit or my account goes to auction, for which I repeat again that they should remove it from my benefits and she answers me with an annoyed and haughty voice that if I have not understood or that if I am an IDIOT that does not understand, and she tells me that it is my decision and hangs up the phone. After the call I went to my account to check it and I realize that they are already making moves to close it or leave it at zero (figure 2).can you help me and also to punish this lady for defamation and insults.I remain at your service.Greetings Thanks

2024-07-02 07:28
Unable to Withdraw

Good evening, since June of la

Good evening, since June of last year the people from Go4rex called me on one occasion and told me how nice it was to invest in oil and earn more than $20 thousand per month, I agreed to the conviction of a certain Miss Lissa Rodríguez, initially, I deposited $200 Likewise, they treated me well on the phone, they told me that if I want to earn more, I should deposit more, I would deposit $2,000 more to see if I could generate more money, without the help of the lady I made more than $15,000. In her mind, I told her that when I can make a withdrawal, it tells me that I must change the silver plan to the Gold plan to withdraw more capital, I access and make the deposit of $10,000, in total it would be what I deposited $12,200, with that amount of deposit they would not let me withdraw, They told me that to withdraw more than $40,000, what should I change plans, now from the gold plan to the platinum plan, they asked me to deposit $12,800 to complete the $25,000, to be able to withdraw everything that is generated in my account, until today They won't let me withdraw anything, they want me to keep depositing.

2024-05-20 12:38

They keep insisting me to deposit.

Good afternoon, I continue with my complaints filed on June 27, 2024, July 1, and July 4, 2024. Today, July 5, 2024, Ms. Luna Reyes (a staff member of the company Go4rex) contacted me, telling me not to miss the offer to deposit $1,000 to avoid losing my benefits. She extended the deadline for me to do so until Monday, July 8, 2024. I asked her if she was aware of the entire process of my account, and she said not completely. I asked for a minute to briefly explain everything I have been through (exposure on June 27, 2024). Her response was that Ms. Sophia Romano no longer works for them. I mentioned that it seemed strange to me because I was informed that she was sick, then on vacation and still sick, and today she no longer works for them, which is very convenient for the company. Ms. Luna Reyes continued to insist on making the deposit and not missing the opportunity. I told her that continuing to deposit and lose money is not an opportunity for me. I also mentioned the case of a complaint filed on July 2 on this platform (Fx3626528458 18:47). She responded very firmly that I already knew that by investing, I could win or lose all my capital. I replied that I want to withdraw my capital, which appears as a net worth of $2,553.57 dollars, or at least my investment of $1,500 dollars. She replied that it is not possible and that I should take the offer and make the deposit. She reiterated that I have until Monday to do so, otherwise I will lose my capital, and then she hung up the call. Now my account is no longer up for auction, and I am going to lose my investment. Can you help me recover at least my investment? Regards, Thank you.

2024-07-06 06:37
Unable to Withdraw

unable to withdraw

Since April when I signed up for the Go4rex platform, they have only asked me for deposits starting with 100 USD, from there they asked me for another deposit of 2,200 USD to be able to apply to buy shares and start making profits even with a unit of Bitcoin, later they asked me for another deposit this time for 5,400 USD with this I could start withdrawing my benefits but when the withdrawal date arrived my advisor told me that I should deposit another 7000 USD so I questioned why? Yes, they already told me that my withdrawal was ready, well, it turned out that my profit was a lot and I had to contribute more to my account so that without any problem I could withdraw up to 36,000 USD, in the following week I gathered the capital and deposited 6,200 again, This week they contacted me to ask me for my banking information and they asked me to know how much I wanted to withdraw, to which I said 20,000 USD since they offered me 36,000 but to date they have not allowed me to withdraw and on the contrary at the moment they tell me that I must deposit another 11,000 USD to which I refused and they told me that with this I can withdraw all the funds but I simply do not believe anything anymore, that is how they have brought me since last month. Attached are the 2 last deposits made. Please help on how I can recover my investment.

2024-07-03 08:47

They keep asking me for money.

Good afternoon. Following up on my complaints made on June 27 and July 1, 2024, I am providing further information. Today, July 4, 2024, Ms. Alice Acosta (I believe that's her name) or someone from the Audit department of Go4rex called me again, asking if I will make a deposit of $1,500 to avoid losing my benefits, which amount to more than $16,553.84. She reiterates that if I don't do it within 72 hours, my account will be put up for auction. I ask for a moment to access the application and log into my account. Upon entering my account, I see that the profits she mentioned are no longer the same as before; now there is a lower amount (figures: 3, 4, and 5). Net worth: $2,955.95, balance: $1,450.08, and 2 contributions that generated profits: NVDA: $8,179.90, EUR/USD: $30.39, MINUS exchange costs (I don't know what this is): NVDA: $8,007.04, EUR/USD: $47.38, for a total profit of $4,561.90 USD (less than what she mentioned). When I communicate this to her, she asks me to give her a minute (it was more than 5). I think she was not informed about this, and when she resumes the call, she tells me that she has an offer for me and that by depositing only $1,000, I would receive my benefits. I comment that they should deduct it from the total profits obtained, and she replies again that it's not possible, that I have to deposit it, and that she is already making me an offer. I respond that it is possible, and as an example, I closed two out of the four operations I had open from the beginning. In one of them, I had a profit of $70, and in the other, a loss of $40, and upon closing them, they were reflected in the account balance. I tell her that I no longer want to be stressed and have problems; I want them to return my investment of $1,500.00 and part of the net worth (although I don't think it's fair because they made profits with my investment). She replies that it's not possible as long as the operations are still open. I respond that for me, this is already fraud, and in one way or another, they want to steal all the capital from my account. She replies that I knew from the beginning that I had to cover a margin level of 738% (which is a lie because they never informed me about that) and that I have a maximum of 72 hours to make the deposit; otherwise, my account will be put up for auction. She hangs up the call and doesn't give me a chance to ask about that margin level. At the end of the call, I tried to withdraw the amount shown as net contribution (figure 6), and I see that it is a lower amount, $2,555.32, but it doesn't give me the option. The box where the word "WITHDRAWAL" is located is blank, and when I click on it, I receive the following message: "Dear Roberto Torres Marmolejos, at the moment, your withdrawal request cannot be processed due to insufficient trading volume." My second last name is misspelled; it should be just Marmolejo. I hope you can help me recover at least my investment. I am at your service. Regards, Thank you.

2024-07-05 08:49
    Mkt. Analysis

    GO4REX · Company Summary

    Go4Rex Basic Information
    Registered Country/Area Seychelles
    Regulation Seychelles Financial Services Commission
    Minimum Deposit $250 (Variable on account type)
    Maximum Leverage 1:500 (Variable on account type)
    Spreads Variable (Depends on trading instrument)
    Trading Platforms GO4REX desktop version and mobile version
    Tradable Assets Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
    Account Types Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
    Customer Support Email, Telephone, Contact Form
    Payment Methods Online banking, Wire transfer, Credit card, NETELLER, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc.
    Educational Tools Video Courses, eBooks and Asset Index

    General Information

    GO4REX is a Seychelles-registered financial services provider, established in 2018, offering more than 1,000 financial instruments, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. GO4REX is owned and operated by FX Capital Ltd which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the Republic of the Seychelles under license number SD023. Traders can engage in trading stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, offering diverse opportunities for investment and speculation. The broker offers a comprehensive selection of over 1,000 global assets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of market movements. With the GO4REX desktop and mobile trading platforms, traders can stay connected and execute trades efficiently, benefiting from real-time charts and data display.

    The broker offers different account types, such as Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with varying minimum deposit requirements and commission structures. Traders can choose the account type that best suits their trading preferences and goals.

    To support traders' growth and development, Go4Rex provides educational resources, including video courses, eBooks, and an asset index, allowing traders to enhance their trading knowledge and skills. Additionally, customer support is available through email, telephone, and a contact form, but it is a drawback that the platform dont offer online chat.

    Is Go4Rex legit or a scam?

    Go4Rex is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission (FSA) with license number SD023. The SFSC oversees financial activities in Seychelles, ensuring client fund protection, risk management, and ethical conduct. Go4Rex follows robust Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, maintains segregated client accounts, and promotes risk transparency to provide a regulated trading experience.


    Pros and Cons

    Go4Rex platform has its own set of pros and cons. On the positive side, it is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission, providing a level of security and regulatory oversight. The platform offers multiple deposit and withdrawal channels, a wide range of trading instruments, high leverage options, and abundant educational resources to enhance traders' knowledge. However, a notable drawback is the absence of live chat support, which may inconvenience traders in obtaining prompt assistance. Additionally, traders should be mindful of transaction fees associated with using the platform. It is important for traders to carefully consider these pros and cons and make informed decisions based on their individual trading needs and objectives.

    Pros Cons
    Regulated by Seychelles Financial Services Commission Transaction fees apply
    Multiple deposit and withdrawal channels No live chat
    Wide range of trading instruments
    High leverage options
    Educational resources available

    Go4Rex platform has its own set of pros and cons. On the positive side, it is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission, providing a level of security and regulatory oversight. The platform offers multiple deposit and withdrawal channels, a wide range of trading instruments, high leverage options, and abundant educational resources to enhance traders' knowledge. However, a notable drawback is the absence of live chat support, which may inconvenience traders in obtaining prompt assistance. Additionally, traders should be mindful of transaction fees associated with using the platform. It is important for traders to carefully consider these pros and cons and make informed decisions based on their individual trading needs and objectives.

    Market Instruments

    GO4REX 's offering includes some popular financial tradable instruments, such as Forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

    Go4Rex is a brokerage firm, providing a diverse range of market instruments, catering to the needs and preferences of its traders.

    One of the key offerings of Go4Rex is its stock trading instruments. Traders can engage in buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies, allowing them to invest in well-established corporations and potentially benefit from their growth and profitability. In addition to stocks, Go4Rex offers a wide range of indices as trading instruments. Indices represent a basket of stocks from a specific market or sector, providing traders with a way to track the overall performance of a particular segment of the market.


    Forex, or foreign exchange, is another prominent trading instrument provided by Go4Rex. The forex market allows traders to speculate on the fluctuations in currency pairs, providing opportunities for profit from the exchange rate movements between different countries' currencies.


    Commodities trading is another option offered by Go4Rex. Traders can participate in the commodities market by buying and selling various physical goods, such as gold, silver, oil, natural gas, agricultural products, and more. Commodities can serve as a hedge against inflation or provide opportunities for speculative trading based on supply and demand dynamics.


    Lastly, Go4Rex recognizes the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and offers them as trading instruments. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, have gained significant attention in recent years. With Go4Rex, traders can engage in cryptocurrency trading, speculating on the price movements of these digital assets and potentially benefiting from the volatility and growth of the cryptocurrency market.


    Minimum Deposit

    To meet different traders' trading needs and experience, GO4REX offers five different types of accounts: Basic (minimum deposit of $250), Bronze (minimum deposit of $1,000), Silver (minimum deposit of $2,500), Gold (minimum deposit of $10,000), and Platinum (minimum deposit of $25,000).

    The Basic account requires a minimum deposit of $250 and provides access to a range of trading instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, and major shares. The commission fee for this account is set at the standard rate.

    The Bronze account, with a minimum deposit of $1,000, offers traders commission discounts of up to 15%. In addition to the instruments available in the Basic account, Bronze account enjoy same available instruments as Basic account.

    The Silver account, requiring a minimum deposit of $2,500, provides even greater benefits. Traders with a Silver account can enjoy commission discounts of up to 65%. Alongside the instruments offered in the Bronze account, Silver account holders have the opportunity to trade US and ES shares, expanding their trading opportunities.

    The Gold account, with a minimum deposit of $10,000, offers substantial advantages. Traders with a Gold account can benefit from commission discounts of up to 75%. In addition to forex, commodities, indices, and US and ES shares, Gold account holders can also trade cryptocurrencies, diversifying their investment portfolio.

    For experienced and high-volume traders, the Platinum account offers exclusive features. With a minimum deposit of $25,000, Platinum account holders can enjoy commission discounts of up to 85%. This account type provides access to a wide range of instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, US and ES shares, cryptocurrencies, ETF US, and premium stocks.


    GO4REX Leverage

    The leverage offered by Go4Rex varies depending on the chosen account type. The Basic, Bronze, and Silver accounts provide traders with a leverage of 1:200, offering increased trading power and flexibility. The Gold account offers a higher leverage of 1:300, allowing traders to amplify their positions even further. For those seeking the highest leverage available, the Platinum account provides a leverage of 1:500, enabling traders to maximize their trading potential. It's important for traders to consider their risk tolerance and trading strategies when selecting an account type and leverage ratio that best suits their individual needs.


    Spreads & Commissions

    The broker charges fixed spreads as commission for all trading products offered. Forex main spreads: 4.5 pips for EURUSD, 4.7 pips for GBPUSD, and 5.3 pips for USDCAD. Major spreads on commodities: 2.1 pips on spot gold, 0.04 pips on spot silver, and 0.12 pips on WTI crude oil. Major spreads for indices: 5 pips for Nasdaq Composite, 3 pips for S&P 500, and 18 pips for Hang Seng 50. Major spreads for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin spreads are 115, Litecoin is 2.4.


    EURUSD: 4.5 pips

    GBPUSD: 4.7 pips

    USDCAD: 5.3 pips


    Spot gold: 2.1 pips

    Spot silver: 0.04 pips

    WTI crude oil: 0.12 pips


    Nasdaq Composite: 5 pips

    S&P 500: 3 pips

    Hang Seng 50: 18 pips


    Bitcoin: 115 pips

    Litecoin: 2.4 pips

    It's important to note that these spreads may vary due to market conditions. Traders are advised to stay updated with the latest spread information provided by Go4Rex to effectively manage their trading strategies and expenses.

    Go4Rex implements commission fees that are tailored to the different account types available. The Basic account operates with standard commission rates, while the Bronze account offers a 15% discount on commissions. Traders who opt for the Silver account can enjoy a generous commission discount of up to 65%, providing substantial cost savings. For those with a Gold account, the commission discount increases to 75%, enabling traders to further reduce their trading expenses. The Platinum account offers the highest commission discount of up to 85%, providing significant savings for high-volume traders. These varying commission fees cater to traders of different experience levels and trading volumes, allowing them to select an account type that suits their specific requirements and trading preferences.

    GO4REX Trading Platform

    GO4REX offers traders a GO4REX desktop version and mobile version trading platform. The GO4REX desktop trading platform balances simplicity and sophistication, enabling traders to access over 1,000 global assets from the global forex, stock, and commodity markets as well as a range of major indices to trade, with one-click order execution, real-time charts, and real-time data display. The GO4REX iOS and Android platforms provide traders with the freedom and flexibility needed to trade effectively, and traders can trade freely at any time and from any location.


    Deposit & Withdrawal

    GO4REX welcomes several flexible deposit and withdrawal methods, mainly online banking, wire transfer, credit card, NETELLER, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for wire transfers and $50 for all other methods. The first withdrawal is free for traders with platinum accounts, and a 3.5% service fee is charged for all other accounts. The maximum service fee for a single withdrawal is capped at $3,500. Service fees for wire withdrawals will be charged to the beneficiary. Additionally, the commissions of wire withdrawals will be charged to the beneficiary.


    Customer Support

    The Go4REX customer support can be reached through several contact channels, including email, telephone, as well as a contact form. However, live chat support is not available, though it is the quickest way to get responded. Besides, there is also a “FQA” section designed for most common answers.

    Educational Resources

    Go4Rex offers a variety of educational resources to enhance traders' knowledge and experience. They provide video courses covering topics such as forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to learn at their own pace. The platform also offers a range of eBooks that delve into various trading subjects, offering valuable insights and practical tips. Additionally, Go4Rex provides an asset index that gives traders a comprehensive overview of tradable instruments and their characteristics. These educational resources aim to help traders stay informed about market trends, learn effective trading strategies, and make informed decisions. Whether traders are beginners or experienced professionals, Go4Rex's educational resources are designed to improve their trading skills and achieve their financial goals.


    In conclusion, Go4Rex is a brokerage firm offering a diverse range of trading instruments, providing traders with access to global markets. The advantages of Go4Rex include a wide selection of trading assets, real-time data, and one-click order execution. And, the firm is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission. However, it is important to note that Go4Rex does not offer live chat support, which may inconvenience some traders seeking immediate assistance. Despite this drawback, Go4Rex provides educational resources and other customer support channels to assist traders in their journey.


    F: Is Go4Rex regulated?

    Q: Yes, Go4Rex is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission.

    F: What types of trading instruments are available on Go4Rex?

    Q: Go4Rex offers a variety of trading instruments, including stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

    F: What are the minimum deposit requirements for opening an account on Go4Rex?

    Q: The minimum deposit requirements vary depending on the account type, starting from $250 for the Basic account.

    F: What are the available deposit and withdrawal methods on Go4Rex?

    Q: Go4Rex supports various deposit and withdrawal methods, including online banking, wire transfer, credit card, NETELLER, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

    F: Are there any fees associated with deposits or withdrawals on Go4Rex?

    Q: Go4Rex does not charge any fees for deposits, but there may be fees for withdrawals depending on the chosen method.

    F: Does Go4Rex offer educational resources for traders?

    Q: Yes, Go4Rex provides educational resources such as video courses, eBooks, and an asset index to help traders enhance their knowledge and skills.

    F: How can I contact the customer support team at Go4Rex?

    Q: You can reach Go4Rex's customer support team through email, telephone, or by using the contact form available on their website.


    Exposing GO4REX: Unveiling the Deceptive Practices of a Rogue Broker

    ExposureExposing GO4REX: Unveiling the Deceptive Practices of a Rogue Broker

    2024-05-22 18:15

    In recent years, the rise of online trading has brought with it a proliferation of brokerage firms, promising lucrative returns and financial success. However, alongside legitimate platforms, there exists a shadowy underbelly of deceitful operators preying on unsuspecting investors. Among these, GO4REX stands out as a prime example of a broker tarnishing the industry's reputation with its fraudulent activities.

    2024-05-22 18:15
    Exposing GO4REX: Unveiling the Deceptive Practices of a Rogue Broker

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    everyone should be very careful i got scammed on this company twice, fortunately i was very lucky to get a recovery company site from my good friend who has been scammed $185,400, I contacted the company which she directed me and that company instructed me what to provide for them which I did and they also gave me guidelines about scam companies. In two days time after I did what they instructed me to do I was able to get my $78,900 funds back and I'm very very happy honestly speaking, I should have dropped this company site link here, but this scam company refused. you can help yourself out by contacting their mail if you are a victim too [victimsrecoveryeducation AT cyberservices. com] thanks.
    2024-07-17 21:34
    more than one year
    GO4REX has a decent selection of payment methods, but I'm not entirely sure about their commission structure. It's worth taking a closer look to see if it aligns with your trading needs and budget.
    2024-07-17 18:00
    This platform steals from you, in addition to all the money you can invest, your sleep, your peace of mind, you fight with banks, friends and family because you cannot pay the debts contracted with these scammers...
    2024-03-04 08:53
    2023-12-25 20:31
    Hello, I'm from Chile. I was looking for an investment option and without having any knowledge of the world of brokers, a few days ago through a Facebook link an advertisement for Go4rex appeared to me. I naively decided to try the platform, guided by what it said, and made a minimum investment of $250. After that, trying to inform myself, I discovered all the bad comments and people who did not get their money back. I sent an email with the intention of closing the account and requesting my money back. The agent communicates with me and technically mentions that it was not possible that I did not close the trade that the account had generated profits and that to make a withdrawal of these you had to pay 19%, which is the IVA of my country corresponding to the profit that it had been generated. The page clearly shows a profit but at the time of withdrawal they mention that to do so you must pay more than 1000 dollars because those 250 that you invest become more than 4000 thousand dollars and to withdraw them you must close the position in the market and make the withdrawal is where they ask you for that 19% of that amount. and they tell you then you will lose your investment if you don't pay
    2023-09-05 22:36
    more than one year
    My time with GO4REX was a very bad experience but the above made sure they didn't run away with my money. Please stay away and choose those regulated brokers.
    2023-02-27 16:19
    more than one year
    Go4rex operates in Latin America scamming all naive customers. Unregulated fake broker. Misleading advertising, 0% Recommended.
    2023-01-09 14:26
    more than one year
    Although this company offers more than 1,000 financial products, and in theory I can trade the financial products I like, I saw that they actually charge fees for withdrawals... The fees charged by those payment institutions have already made me uncomfortable Yes, the company charges extra. Why don't you charge me all my winnings once and for all?
    2022-11-27 10:00
    more than one year
    I saw a lot of good reviews about this broker on the Internet, and it seems to be very good, but the problem is that their official website can't be opened now, and I don't know what happened. I checked their regulatory information and found that the regulatory license they hold is also offshore.
    2022-11-24 10:22


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